1. REGULATION MATCH LENGTH:  All matches are Seventy (70) minutes EXCEPT the Championship Match, which is Eighty (80) minutes.  5-minute halftimes.  The referee shall keep official time for each match.

2. RED CARDS: One Red Card, the player is suspended from the current and next match. Two Red Cards, the player is suspended from the tournament.  A double yellow is considered a Red Card; the player is suspended from the current and next match. (A substitute may enter the game on a double yellow.)

3. TIE MATCHES:  Tie matches after regular match time will be determined as follows:

  • Championship match and Championship semi-finals:  If tied at the end of regulation, the teams will play one ten (10) minute overtime period. The choice of side will be determined by a coin toss with the other team awarded the kick-off. Teams will switch sides at the 5-minute mark. The full 10 minutes will be played (NO SUDDEN DEATH). The team ahead at the end of this period will be declared the winner. However, if still tied at the end of overtime, the match will be decided by kicks from the penalty mark.
  • Quarter Finals:  Ties will be decided by kicks from the penalty mark.
  • Group Play:  Ties will be allowed in group play.
  • Shoot-out Format:  Five players from each team will be selected to take the penalty shots. Any player on the roster may participate in the shoot-out even if she was not playing at the end of regulation. Players red carded during the game or ineligible to play from a previous red card may not participate. The teams will alternate taking shots. After 5 shots from each team, the team with the most goals will be declared the winner. Should the match remain tied, a “sudden death” shoot-out will take place with each team alternating turns until a winner is declared. At least ten (10) different players from each team must take a turn shooting before any player from a team can take a second penalty shot. At least ten different players from a team must take a second shot before they can take a third penalty shot, etc.

4. GRACE PERIOD:  A five (5) minute grace period will be allowed after the scheduled start time for the match. If a team is not ready to play after this grace period, the Tournament Director may award a 1-0 forfeit.

5. ACL BRACES AND PLAYER SAFETY:  It is within the referee’s sole discretion whether or not to require sharp edges of ACL braces to be covered and protected. The tournament committee prefers covering such braces as of courtesy to other players; however, it is the referee’s decision and the referee may change that decision during a game or from one game to another. The same applies to casts, etc. The referee may decide a player cannot play the match even if the player played a previous match.

6. PLAYER, COACH AND SPECTATOR CONDUCT:  All coaches are responsible for the conduct and behavior of their players, parents, and friends at the tournament site. Poor sportsmanship, repeated fouls, verbal abuse, and negative yelling, in general, will not be tolerated by the referees or the tournament. The Tournament Director at his discretion may award a forfeit and/or disqualify a team from the tournament. It is required that players from both teams to be on one side of the field with spectators on the other side, unless the Tournament Director may decide otherwise.

7. HOME TEAM AND JERSEYS: Unless the Tournament Director declares otherwise, the team listed first (or on top of the bracket in a bracket tree ) is declared as the ‘home’ team with normal CIF ‘home team’ privileges.

8. RULES/DISPUTES:  CIF Rules apply.  Decisions relating to the interpretation of the Tournament Rules can only be made by the Tournament Director or his designee.  All decisions, judgments, calls of tournament referees and Tournament Director are final.  No protests will be allowed.

9. MOVED/DELAYED/SHORTENED/CANCELLED GAMES & REFUND POLICY:  The time and place of any game may be changed, and games may be canceled, by the Tournament Director.  The referee may also cancel a game.  A game that is suspended for any reason by the referee shall be considered a complete game if at least one half of the game has been played.  Forfeited games also count as complete games.  Canceled or suspended games as to which less than half the game has been played (other than forfeited games) shall be completed as soon as may be practical at a time and place to be determined, unless (1) each team has already played three games in the tournament, and (2) completion of the game is not necessary to determining a tournament champion, in which case the game shall not be completed (if it had been started) or played (if the game had never been started).  While we will make every attempt to have all games played, it is possible that some teams might end up playing less than three games due to inclement weather or other forces beyond our control.  If so, the following refund schedule applies:  Zero matches played = 100% refund less $100 administrative fee; One match played = 60% refund after $100 admin fee; Two matches played = 40% refund after $100 admin fee; Three matches played = No refunds

10. POINT SYSTEM & GROUP PLAY:  The following point system will be used to determine 1st, 2nd, & 3rd place in each group during preliminary rounds:

  • Six (6) points for each win
  • One (1) point for each goal max points 3
  • One (1) point for a shutout (0-0 ties do not apply)
  • Three (3) points for a tie
  • Zero (0) points for a loss
  • A forfeit will result in a 1-0 loss for the forfeiting team

11. Tie Breaker:  In the event, there is a tie in group play between teams, the following point system will be used to determine 1st, 2nd, & 3rd place in each group during preliminary rounds:

  • Total Points
  • Head to Head
  • Goals Differential
  • Goals For
  • Goals Against
  • PK’s (Coin flip if a three-way tie with the winning team during the coin flip to get a bye in the pk’s first round)

Determining Wild Card Spot for top 2nd place team advancing into the Championship Round with tied teams:

4:15pm pk’s will determine the advancing team on field #1

Determining Wild Card Spot for top 3rd place team advancing into the 9th Place Round with tied teams:

2:45 pm pk’s will determine the advancing team on field #1

12. BRACKET PLAY & ADVANCEMENT:  Once group play has been completed each team will be placed based on their standings. Second place teams will be reseeded based on the tournament committee and advanced into the bracket play with the best 3rd place team based on points. 3 rd place teams will be reseeded and placed into the consolation games.


Quest for Excalibur: 1st Place Teams and the Best 2nd Place team. ( Playing for the championship)

Sir Lancelot: 2nd Place Teams and the best 3rd place team. (Playing for 9th Place)

Guinevere: 3rd Place teams (Consolation Games)